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BIG IN TIME! BIG IN LIFE! - BITBIL [ "You need this because you are of your own unique kind" ]


BITBIL branded tees. BITBIL branded tees come with plethora of customizational options as offering

  • If the customer dosen't choose to do any kind of customization, then the tees will be delivered with standard bitbil texture and production.
  • This current variant of tees come with an option of Age customization represented in Numerical percentage followed by arrow.
  • Anyone with Social media ID represented by QR code with their accurate Social media ID Link embedded into the QR code.
  • Anyone who has/ who wants to create a Tag line or Punch line sentence of their own can create it, that'll also be added to the design.

BITBIL Apparel Age & Social media QR Customization

SKU: 2021000001
Excluding Taxes
    • There is 7 day return policy.
    • Please return the package before 7 days after the delivery.
    • Please keep the packaging and reciept intact.
    • If the product has got any willful damage from your end after recieving, you will be prone to legal action and penality. 
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